Our role

KVD is an independent market place that offers security to both buyers and sellers of goods of high value. 

We do not sell our own property, but act as an intermediary in the sale of that of others, which gives us an independent position that allows us to safeguard the interests of both buyer and seller. We work to bring serious sellers and serious buyers together and we help them to do business with each other in a safe and secure manner.

All goods that are sold through out marketplace have undergone independent testing by professional technicians and the results are documented and explained for each object on the website. This careful testing is appreciated by both our buying and our selling customers, because buying power in our marketplace is strengthened and potential buyers know the condition of the vehicle or machine they are bidding for.

At KVD, we take care of the entire business for the seller, from the first call until the money arrives in the seller's bank account. And for our buying customers, we help with all the paperwork and offer value for money finance solutions, guarantees, insurance and transport. The entire buying and selling process is totally transparent, for the benefit of both seller and buyer. Both parties can follow the bidding in real time and see immediately when a new bid is submitted. In this way, we at KVD make the selling process simple, risk-free and profitable for both buyer and seller.