How to buy

1. Find your object

Every week, hundreds of cars, boats, machines, HGVs and accessories are put up for sale on our website, The sales objects are sold through online auctions, which means that all purchases are made by means of placing bids on our website over a limited period, and the person who places the highest bid buys the object.

On our website, you can read detailed, objective descriptions of all auction objects based on tests performed by our professional technicians, and you can also view pictures. If there’s a specific vehicle, machine or accessory that you want to take a closer look at or even test drive, you’re welcome to visit the site in Sweden where the object is held during viewing periods.

2. Bidding

Placing a bid for an auction object costs nothing, and takes just a few clicks on the website. All bidding takes place openly on the website, although as a bidder you’re anonymous and place your bid under a pseudonym. You must therefore register a user name and enter certain personal details before you can take part in the bidding. 

As a bidder, you have an opportunity to place a specific bid or max bid for auction objects. A specific bid means that you place a bid for a specific sum of money, raising the bid to that level. A max bid is an automatic bid, which means that you register the maximum amount that you’re willing to pay for an auction object and let the bidding process run automatically up to that level. 

For each auction object there is a date and time when the countdown starts. This is the time when the auction starts to close down. The countdown lasts for at least 3 minutes and 30 seconds. If additional bids are placed during this time, the countdown is extended by another 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The auction is completed when no new bids are placed during a countdown period.   

3. You won!

If you submitted the highest bid when the auction was completed, you’ve won the bidding process and you receive an email from us at KVD to confirm this. Many objects have what is known as a reserve price, which is the minimum sum that the seller will accept. Whether or not the reserve price has been met is denoted in the bid history for the object on our website and in the email sent to the winner. If the reserve price has not been met, the seller has to approve the price before the deal is completed. If the reserve price has been met, you are contacted by KVD to confirm a time for collection and the payment method.

4. Delivery  

When it’s time to collect your auction object, you’re invited to come to the KVD site where the object is held according to the description. This must take place no later than five working days after the end of the auction and in accordance with a pre-booked time. In special instances the auction object is somewhere other than a KVD site for collection, in which case this is described on the website. When collecting from somewhere other than a KVD site, a document acknowledging receipt of delivery must be handed over when collection takes place. 

When you collect your auction object, you must make sure that the description of the auction object is correct and that the object meets your expectations with reference to the description. The easiest way to make payment before collection is by bank transfer. Payment can also be made by Swedish bank cards, but not credit cards, foreign cards, company cards, cash, postal orders or cheques.