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About KVD Kvarndammen

KVD Kvarndammen AB was founded in Gothenborg, Sweden, in 1991, and is now one of Scandinavia's leading actors in internet auctions and valuations.

KVD Kvarndammen runs (, which is one of Scandinavia's leading auction websites. Each week, several hundred used cars, heavy vehicles, machinery and other objects are sold to private and business buyers from Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the rest of the world.

18,500 vehicles in 2010

In 2010 KVD Kvarndammen sold 18,500 vehicles and 14.500 other auction objects at

Today KVD Kvarndammen has around 175 employees and the main owner of the company is Ratos, a listed private equity conglomerate.

KVD Kvarndammen has auction facilities in twelve locations in Sweden.

Fleet owners & banks

The vehicles, machinery and other objects sold at are offered for sale by fleet owners, banks and financing companies. Other clients include companies, public authorities and municipalities renewing their vehicle fleets and machinery, as well as insurance companies and bankruptcy estates.

KVD Kvarndammen's business concept is to be the best option for public authorities and companies wishing to sell or value their vehicles and machinery.


KVD has a great deal of experience in valuing vehicles, machinery and other company assets. Each year KVD values items worth hundreds of millions of euros, making the company one of the biggest independent actors in the Scandinavian market.

The valuations are managed by valuation firms retained by KVD group: Marknadspriser i Sverige AB and KVD Bilpriser AB.

The valuations may relate to an individual object, or to securities in entire credit stocks. KVD Kvarndammen's valuations are based on collated price statistics, price-checking with a well-established network of contacts across several sectors, and in-house databases. More information is available at the website

For several years, KVD Kvarndammen has offered the Swedish market instant valuations of cars and light vehicles via the internet. This service is used by both private individuals and professional users. Over eight million cars are valued every year on the website.